Alaska: 8000 miles and 18 bears later. Chapter 2: Anchorage in a heat wave.

Spending 5 hours in this plane would be rough were it not for the amazing views.
Our AirBnB is down there, somewhere…
AK Highway 1 follows the banks of the Matanuska river. Every turn brings glorious sights.
The Matanuska as seen from the trailhead.
Scale can be hard to convey, but it’s big!
Glacial silt and carried debris is visible in different forms at all times.
Left: A boulder transported over millennia by the glacier. Right: Freshly exposed glacier ice covered in silt.
A view of the “trail”, such as it was.
The silt-covered section here is still glacial ice, it’s just a bit dirty.
The late afternoon light as we departed made the Matanuska all the more majestic.
That’s some good construction work there, mr big bear.
Big bear (left) and golden bear (right) as they walked toward each other to meet in the center of the enclosure.
Maybe I’m biased, but all these critters sure look happy to me.

A smoky escape…

The Matanuska glacier again, my third time laying eyes on her, but now shrouded in smoke as I left Alaska.



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