This is the second part of my Alaska motorcycle trip. It contains nothing pertaining to motorcycles, and is solely about being a tourist in Anchorage. Below you’ll find mostly photos of glaciers taken from the sky and the ground, as well as a some frisky bears. I hope you enjoy.

You can find part 1 here, to get your motorcycle road trip fix.

Stay tuned for part 3, which resumes the motorcycle trip proper.

Our first full day in Anchorage would prove to be the most spectacular of the visit. I had booked a seaplane sightseeing tour at Vero’s behest…


  1. Masked complexity: Metrics are hard because they mask complexity and are massively open to interpretation.
  2. Expected interoperability: Metrics are hard because people have different expectations around application, precision, and lifespans.
  3. We can massively improve how our organizations deal with data and metrics by leveraging the same core Product Management skills we use to build amazing features.

Talking About Data

Storytelling is a critical skill for Product Managers — the best PMs excel at weaving compelling narratives that illustrate how the next big thing will dramatically improve the user journey. Getting these stories right and reflecting the reality of user experience requires invoking data*…

In this article:

The Electric Elephant in the room

Favorites and fails

eMTB vs motorcycle vs MTB

The Spirit of Adventure: Ascending a snowy mountain

Getting hooked (finding love again)

Review TL;DR:

The R1200GS truly is an excellent do-everything bike. If you have considerable riding experience and can afford the hefty price tag, I cannot recommend it highly enough. The 2018 premium package updates are truly an improvement over previous models.

(All photos from this trip can be viewed here)

Trip overview and route

This trip was planned by others (thanks!), and with a flexible riding schedule. As such, all I really needed to worry about was getting myself in and out of Marrakech, and paying for the motorcycle rental. Not a bad deal.

After route changes, sickness, and much adventure, this is how my actual itinerary ended up:

  • Arrive in Marrakech, spend 36 hours to acclimate
  • Get the bikes and cross the Atlas mountains to Ouarzazate
  • Head up into the gorges (from Tinghir to Agoudal and back down)
  • Cross from Tinghir to Agadir (with…

Burney Mountain, just before sunset. Panorama at 400mm.

(all photos and more from this trip are here:

Winter Roadtrip

Telephoto, time-lapses, small towns, snow — oh my!

It’s the second week of February, 2018. California has been having a horribly warm winter. I’ve been studying weather patterns every weekend for the past two months, wistful. Finally, a proper cold front has come in, alongside precipitation. Northeast CA is forecast to go below freezing the entire weekend, with some snowfall. It’s time to go.

The target: a region that wishes to secede from California and form a new state, to be known as “Jefferson”. This area also holds some of…

Last weekend I left the city pre-dawn with a mission. I’ve been visiting the Estero trail area of Pt. Reyes for the past 7 years or so, and constantly delight in it’s beauty, accessibility, and the satisfaction of hiking the area. Today I was going to experience it as the sun rose, for the first time. Not only that, but this was the first hiking test of my new camera backpack. In the pack today: A7Riii, 16–35mm f2/8, 100–400mm.

I’m hunting for landscapes both wide and intimate, and hoping to capture some of the rich wildlife I’ve seen in the…

A review of the Sony FE 100–400mm telephoto lens on an A7Riii at the San Francisco Zoo

(Click here to see all photos in higher res)

TL;DR: A heavyweight lens, by all measures


  • Amazingly sharp details
  • Focus is fast and accurate
  • Bokeh is surprisingly nice
  • Fantastic stabilization


  • Heavy at 3.08 lbs
  • After 30 minutes of walking and shooting, my arms wanted to fall off
  • At full 400mm extension, holding a steady shooting position is exhausting for more than a brief moment
  • Did I mention it’s heavy and unwieldy?
  • Expensive is an understatement

A brief tour of some of our favorite things from the last year.

New Years in Buenos Aires

We started 2017 in Argentina. We had just visited Vero’s family in San Juan for a few weeks, before continuing on to Buenos Aires for a week, leading up to the new year. BA was fantastic, though hot, muggy, and largely devoid of people (most locals get out during the peak of summer). What was most delightfully surprising was the abundance of good vegan options. Yelp even worked super well! Every meal was a treat, and we could have happily stayed much longer.

Jon Madden

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